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City of Richmond Jail, Virginia

Richmond City Jail
1701 Fairfield Way
Richmond, VA 23223

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Stay out
jackie from Jackson ward
Stay out that he'll hole,they need a real sheriff to run the place, he mistreat his own deputies,what that tell the officer who disrespect you and if they touch you, have them arrested. All arrest regardless makes you with an conviction. Some of the deputies. Forget they were rescued when. They got hired. We are need help at one time or another but some of them were rag mops when they got the job. One deputy mom had roaches running around in her house,hope he move her out the projects. C T. Woody wife left him for creeping around, so you see they not better than us and Woody leave those female deputies allow
Posted at 8:59:pm 05/26/12
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no comment
sandra from south side richmond va
my husband had to do weekend time,he taks 10 dif meds twice a day plus insulin shots 5x a day and when i call to check if he would be able to get his meds they wouldnt comment,well im Praying thats he is all right,and if not it will be h#ll to pay!!!!!(the guards are sooo nasty when you call) we are paying tax money for them to kill our loves????
Posted at 7:50:pm 02/19/12
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Ole' Durty Jail
Trevon "big baller" Johnson from Blackwell
dis gotta be da wurse jail in da area....jus' spent like a week up in there....the food awful, the place stank and the guards is triffling. i rather be locked up in chesterfield or henrico any day compares to dis place...ITS GARBAGE! tax monies neeed to go other places for reel.
Posted at 1:59:am 05/22/11
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Bailing somebody out
Terry Payton from Oregon Hill (Richmond)
People in the Richmond City Jail can have one visitor per week. The maximum amount of people that are allowed on the visitor list is 3. Also, children under 16 are not counted as being a visitor and they do not have to have a identification.
Posted at 10:01:am 04/14/11
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Lamont Sanders from South Side .... Blackwell
Posted at 11:37:pm 04/13/11
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