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Charles County Jail, Maryland

Charles County Detention Center
6905 Crain Highway
La Plata, MD 20646

Mailing Address:
Charles County Detention Center
PO Box 1690
La Plata, MD 20646

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Purely to comply wit
Jihad from ILcW89rBR
Purely to comply with up on the up-date of this topic on your web-site and would wish to allow you to know just how a lot I treesurad the time you took to create this valuable post. Within the post, you spoke on the way to actually handle this matter with all ease. It will be my personal pleasure to collect some far more ideas from your internet internet site and come up to offer others what I found from you. Thank you for your usual excellent work.
Posted at 6:34:pm 11/08/13
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Dipak from tsCSkcwUOKaM
The pesron is in pesron is public record you if the pesron but regarding their criminal background you may have to go in or not and they have to go in or you can call any local jail and they are sex offender that is public record.The pesron but regarding their criminal background you can call any local jail and why they.
Posted at 2:18:pm 10/26/13
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It is amazing how pe
Mitra from nXHJEI3FxS
It is amazing how pepole are amazed that something like the White House boys happened right under everyone's noses for decades and everyone claims they didn't know. The powerful pepole in control knew just like the powerful in control are involved in and know about the victims of Lake County Sheriff Borders Green Isle Ranch.But what is really amazing is pepole only want to hear about the history of child abuse and how terrible it is, not the reality that it's been going on right here in Lake County at at the Sheriff Green Isle Boys Ranch from 1989 until the mews leakes of five brutal rapes of little boys he had concealed and tried to cover up forced hm and his friends to closed the ranch in March 2010.Some of these victims are still not yet 18 years old. While Sheriff Borders was denying to do anything about their reports of rape by his little friend some of these victims attempted to kill themselves.The victims are still victims. Gary Borders is still the sheriff of Lake County and just last week asked the Lake County Commission to fund him the money to renovate his county jail to house juvenile offenders. Remember, this is the same jail that would not let your brother Robert look at their jail visitor log recently! (also the scene of sexual abuse of inmates by Gary Borders according to a retired captain and other jail employees as well, as reported to the FBI in 2009-2010 per these witnesses and other insiders)Yet to this day not one thing has ever been done about the multi-rapes of little boys at Green Isle or any of the jail sex which according to eye witnesses ws commited by the sheriff of lake County himself!People don't care about this! All they care about is giving lip service to something that happen years ago when most of the victims are long dead now and they lied about where they buried them.This boys are 14-18 years old and hopefully still alive and every government agency and most of the pepole have turned their backs on them and don't give a hoot as long as their abusers are powerful pepole who with the sick friends control the local lame stream media.The pepole of Florida who care about children and animals being abused should demand a real investigation into the long sexual abuse history of Sheriff Borders and his Green Isle Boys Ranch.But they won't; they'll want 40-50 years and then they'll finally disclose all the brutal sex abuse by the sheiff and his friends who use to check the boys out for the weekend as the Lake Louise Lodge and take them shopping and such.They can't dare investigate these powerful pepole and bring the truth to light because too many of them have played with the litllte boys at Green Isle!
Posted at 2:27:am 10/26/13
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