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Pasco County Jail Facility, Florida

Physical Address:
Land O'Lakes Detention Center
20101 Central Blvd
Land O'Lakes, FL 34637

Inmate Mailing Address:
Pasco Detention Facility
20101 Central Blvd
Land O'Lakes, FL 34637

Phone Number:

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Pasco County Jail Inmates 

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As we've herd on the
Diana from UUU8HiDr
As we've herd on the news lately, many sttaes are desperately looking for ways to balance their budget. More new taxes here, cuts there, expense items are being scrutinized under a microscope now all because of lower tax revenues caused by the decrease in taxpayers, caused by so many people without jobs. These 1,100 prisi n inmate's are no doubt just one example of a mismanaged government program because all they do is raise taxes instead of auditing where they are spending our money. The moral of the story is the more money we give government, the more they waste it and come back asking for more. Historically government had so much money that they didn't need to audit any expenses. Daffy Duck could balance a budget if all he had to do was stick a bucket back into that bottomless well of tax dollars to cover wasteful spending. Government had so much money that they didn't know what to do with it all. We need to cut taxes so government will once and for all, do their jobs and manage/control their expenses or at the lease, be aware of their expenses. There may be some sunshine coming from these disastrous financial times after all. We need to keep the heat on government to account for their spending. The ONLY way to keep that heat on is to severely cut their income so they keep looking for waste and then eliminating it. Lastly, we can't blame government for all the problems because after all they are us. Know what your voting for and be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
Posted at 11:43:pm 10/29/13
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