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Weld County Jail, Colorado

Weld County North Jail Complex
2110 "O" St
Greenley, CO 80631

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Hey bro I am in the
Stanislav from 7Wm9T0OyqY
Hey bro I am in the process of bobibng my flh . I am looking for a wide girder fork to complete the ol skool look . This would be a stock to maybe 3 over fork . I would also like a single disc mount . no fender tabs . Looks like you have what Im looking for and looking to get a ball park price , thanks looking forward to working with you on this project . [url=]nrizlispqp[/u [link=]ibrgcdisise
Posted at 11:58:am 11/16/13
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Hi Paul, we can make
Elena from iC9NkHhsB
Hi Paul, we can make you a custom set of grredis to do exactly as you want happy to supply them raw and unfinished if you have the means to weld on your own brackets and stuff. We don't do an off-the-shelf price as all our products are made to order to each individual requirement. Can you telephone (01934 641515) or email me at so we can discuss in detail and I can work out an accurate price for you? Cheers, Maz
Posted at 8:47:am 11/09/13
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Hello Maz,I would li
WestCoast from fcNxQ40O
Hello Maz,I would like to attempt to bob my old CX500. Some tginhs I really want are a drum brake up front, an old Brooks sprung leather saddle and a girder front end. The girder bit is the thing that puts me off as the rumours are that I'll have to sell the wife and the cat to get one. Most other tginhs I can get hold of , but girders that are substantial enough for the weight mean I can't use an old set from a 1940 british bike. I would like a kind of ball park figure for girders of a length to replace the stock items, to come unfinished so I can weld on lugs etc, and wide enough to accept an old Kwaka H1 drum insie a 19 rim. At least with your answer I can make a decision either way. Or is there a cheaper alternative.Cheers,Paul. [url=]gatyjjzh[/url] [link=]delntxw[/link]
Posted at 12:30:am 11/03/13
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Erin you don't sound
Daniel from FqpviG4a3
Erin you don't sound like a creeper at all, lol! I do the same thing.And, Karynne, I'm glad I'm eteirtainnng. haha.It's good to know that people are actually reading what I write :)
Posted at 11:42:pm 10/29/13
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